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Put the money where your mouth is

invisible borders

Ángel Marroquín

Once the lights of Glasgow go out and COP 26 has ended with applause, handshakes and flashes, someone will wonder: Good stuff, but who will pay for all these good intentions?

Obviously all gazes will point to big corporations, not only because they are the great generators of greenhouse gas emissions, but because at this point they are the only ones who have enough money to face the current state of the climate crisis. Even before Glasgow this phrase was blowing in the wind: “Tax the Rich”.

The issue is that the climate crisis that we are going through is not a business opportunity, but a matter of survival of the humanity and global justice, and the solutions are not only about to improve and distribute green energy or technology, but to achieve agreements that consider that: “We are not all in the same boat”, but some are…

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