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Perfectly legal

invisible borders

Angel Marroquin

Rarely do tourist flows follow any other logic than that of the business one: maximising profits while avoiding risks. Naturally, therefore, all that is offered to tourists has to be comfortable and specially designed to please European tourists in search of relaxation, rest and controlled adventures without a hangover. These tourists want the comfort they enjoy in their industrialised countries, but at a low cost and with excitement that simulates danger but is safe and respectful.

Did you know about a successful English TV show in which a woman going through a mid-life crisis travels around Latin America doing things she always wanted to do but are illegal in England?

The tourist chimaera seems to be surrounded by insoluble contradictions that, despite everything, capitalism manages to dilute like an ice cube in the mojito many tourists love.

For example, in the tourist’s eyes, local people transform from “interesting”…

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