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Here we go again

invisible borders

Angel Marroquin

Another COP (Conference of the Parties) is beginning, and once again, the world prepares to face two weeks of the usual parade of appalling data, international pressure and silver bullets. In short, two weeks of planetary insomnia, whose epicentre is Sharm El Sheik, Egypt, Africa.

After 30 years of COPs listening to dramatic speeches referring to “last chance”, “unprecedented challenge”, “red code of humanity”, “savage carnage”, and “collective suicide”, one wonders if the political representatives of those countries are the best equipped to reach the necessary agreements to reduce the effects of the climate collapse.

Once again, social movements and citizens will be marginalised from the decision room while the interests of large corporations will be protected by advisers and politicians involved in their business.

This power asymmetry between those making decisions and those most impacted by the crisis is also expressed by the divide between those who…

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