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Ben, Jennifer and those who keep looking for someone

Ángel Marrouín

The pandemic changed us in ways that we have not yet sufficiently considered. Things that we used to do by following well known and predictable steps, today we must confront through routines with which we are not yet familiar. Shake hands or offer your elbow? Wear a mask when you are with your family? Hug our friends or not? However, these changes are small compared to the changes that have impacted the world of love and relationships.

With the lockdown of pubs, weddings, parks and cinemas, finding love became increasingly difficult. The desire to meet other people and, eventually, start a romance moved entirely to the world of Apps. “Tinder”, “Plenty of Fish”, “Dating”, “Senior Dating”, and television shows accepted the challenge but did not achieve the expected results. The eroticism of the promise of intimate physical contact, once again, showed that, in love, we are much less Idealistic than we thought. In other words, it became clear to us that it was impossible to find love amidst the uncertain future. The possibility of finding ‘the one’ by chance had been cancelled.

What was the alternative to our search for love?

When this question was floating heavily in the air like a black cloud, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appeared and gave us a solution.

In short, the story is as follows: Ben and Jennifer met in 2001, she divorced her husband and began a passionate love affair with Ben. In 2002 they got engaged, and he gave her a $ 2.5 million diamond ring. During this time, they filmed love movies together. In 2003 they postponed their wedding. In 2004 everything changed; Jennifer ended things with Ben and started a relationship with Mark Anthony, she had two children with him, and in 2014 she divorced him.
Meanwhile, Ben was not alone. In 2005 he married Jennifer (!) Garner and had three children with her. They divorced in 2018.

Finally, this year, in the middle of the world pandemic, Jennifer and Ben shake up the world of love affairs by announcing that they are together, rekindling a ‘new’ passionate idyll that has led them this time to the desert of Montana in the USA and Capri in Italy.

This story has become so popular that today there are forums, discussions and comments, pros and cons of what has come to be known as ‘The Affleck-López syndrome’, which is nothing more than going back to your first boyfriend or your ex.

Would you go back with your ex? This seems to be the question that this couple inspires, sparking a wave of magazines headlines and internal questioning. Would I go back with my ex? Is it easier and safer than keep looking and failing?

People with failed relationships or weary of the dating scene look back at their lives and understand that, perhaps, going back and trying with the ex can work better than looking ahead and swiping indefinitely through Tinder. However, the world of feelings is mysterious, and the philosophy of the “better the devil you know” does not apply in all cases. The case of Ben and Jennifer is instructive because it shows how, in love and other areas of our life, we also tend to seek answers to the present crisis by looking at the past and not at the ominous future. Who in their right mind today dares to look at the future and trust what this holds?

Anyway, the past can be a nostalgic mirage, and, at the end of the day, bad decisions are bad decisions in the past and the future. So, in the meantime, we’ll see if Ben and Jennifer can remember why they broke up and how they deal with all the things they both did while they were apart.

For now, everyone who keeps looking for someone wishes them all the best!





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