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Do you want to run away? Where would you go?

Ángel Marroquín

The idea of ​​the bandit riding towards Mexico, with the sunset behind him and carrying two big bags of money, no longer exists. And it is not that crime is over, or that escaping does not continue to be a critical task for all who want to disappear from their current boring life, none of that. The point is that there is no longer a Mexico where to escape. And this is what the Mexican nation represented for many years: the paradise in which it was possible to fulfil the utopia of those who want to disappear: Escape and try again, better.

Today the interconnected world does not allow utopias anymore. We all possess an identity that is easily verifiable through social networks, airports or even through sophisticated computer networks at the service of the intelligence services of rich and poor countries alike. They both know very well how to use them.

The case of Roman Protasevich, the young journalist who was arrested in Minsk after his flight was diverted, makes this situation crystal clear. The 26-years-old young activist who oppose the totalitarian government of Alexander Lukashenko was exiled and asked for asylum in Poland in 2019. From there, he continued his political opposition, until on May 23, he was arrested by order of the Lukashenko government which in violation of all international laws, and in what has been described as an act of air piracy, ordered a civilian flight to divert and stop in Minsk to carry out the arrest.

No, there is nowhere to escape.

In a similar situation is Joshua Wong, 24-years-old, opponent of the Hong Kong government supported by China and founder of the opposition movement “Scholarism” and the so-called “Umbrella Revolution” of 2014. Wong has been in prison since December 2, 2020, charged with a number of convictions that have been added against him in a trial that seems endless and not transparent (among other things, he is accused of inciting a march without the use of a mask). His family today lives in Australia, and together with international organizations are trying to obtain his release.

In both cases, these young men have been imprisoned for representing the opposition to totalitarian regimes protected by the great superpowers: Russia and China. Faced with them, the European countries have wielded a timid response that cannot stop the imprisonment of opponents. Currently, the population living under undemocratic regimes represents more than half of the world’s population, and this is a trend that seems to be increasing. Meanwhile, fanaticisms of all kinds advances amidst what has come to be called “cancel culture” that is, the boycott against those who hold points of view different from the majority or that this majority considers invalid or useful for their purposes.

Young leaders imprisoned in countries that are satellite of superpowers, boycotts against those who think differently from the majority, a European political project that is unravelling, rampant materialism and entertainment. What better ground for totalitarianism and folly?

No, there is nowhere to run away.





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