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Polaroid #11 Romania Trezeste-te!

I had been out of work for a months and a lucky day someone told me about a farm which was looking for someone to help with the milking. I had no experience at all I said to the manager and he replay that they were short of workers and my lack of experience was not a problem at all.

Next day I started at 4.30 am and I met my co worker Nikolay.

Nikolay was a young man from Rumania, married with two children living in his country and a farming background. We spent a lot of time working together in the field repairing electrical fences, water pipes and feeding calves.

We had great conversations about the political situation in Rumania, Russian socialism, Orthodox Christianity and our own experience as immigrants in Ireland.

He used to have long discussions with his wife by telephone, usually about family issues and money. After that kind of calls he remained sad for days.






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