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My mother’s legacy

Ángel Marroquín

Since I was very young my mother would ask me to read the Gospel aloud while she was doing housework. I enjoyed reading it, but I found that some of the Gospel stories were complicated to understand, so my mother would explain and tell me about Jesus and how to pray. This was a very special moment between us, and I always remember it.

As I grew older, I had less time for the Bible and I thought that the real world had little to do with the old stories. My mother kept telling me to read the Gospel and to pray, but I was always too busy. It was not until I came to Ireland that I saw my mother’s teaching with new eyes. The experience of migration, as many of you may know personally, is very hard and I found myself needing extra strength and needing extra hope to face the present and my new challenges. I went back to reading the Gospel and I understood that all the meaning of life is there, and that was what my mother was trying to teach me: to have faith. Be patient. Trust in God. Be guided by the word of God in your daily life. Pray, always pray.

Last Christmas I traveled to my country and saw my mother again and we thanked God for being together after three years. On my last day, when we were saying goodbye, she gave me her old Gospel, and she said: “this is the Gospel you read to me when you were little. Take it with you”.

I feel that my mother’s Gospel is a very special gift because it symbolizes my mother’s example of faith, which is the greatest gift she could ever give me.

My mother’s Gospel accompanies my every day and I know she is happy to know that her patience and teaching gave fruits.






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